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[guh-zahmt-koo nst-verk]

“total work of art”

Nanke Architecture + Design, a division of Nanke Signature Group, is a Bauhaus-style architecture studio, whose focus is on the application of the principles of design through traditional practices merged with modern technology. Embracing the strict philosophy of Gesamtkunstwerk [guh-zahmt-koo nst-verk], “total work of art”, the studio employs a team of architects, engineers, designers, and construction consultants, who oversee an entire project's design, including the architecture, engineering, interior design, furnishing, graphic design, and landscaping. In this way, the team works collectively through the traditional approach of the Renaissance and Art Nouveau masters. This collaborative effort has given way to their stunning portfolio of work and the outstanding reputation the firm has earned since its inception.

Under the direction of Founding Partner, Jared Nanke, and Managing Partner, Lucas Nieri (AIA), Nanke Architecture + Design was born out of a passion to provide opportunities for young, emerging designers. We offer a studio experience, where creativity is cultivated and innovation takes form. As a team, we work together with one objective — the interest of a project’s stakeholders.