Agave Meadow Residence

A custom home with Asian design influences

In the Talking Rock Ranch development of Prescott, AZ, the romanticism of Southwestern living takes a front seat. Rustic details of wood and copper in its clubhouse amenities suggest the ranch life that preceded it, and a windmill stands tall within the horizon, setting the tone for a luxury residential development among the high desert mountains.

There is clearly an established ethos here, making the design conversation an exciting challenge for the architect. While the style might be set, limitations can open our creativity to something more interesting than we had expected.

In this custom home design for Talking Rock Ranch, the rustic ranch style meets Asian architecture. You’ll notice the convergence most notably through the protruding roof with wooden beams. These act as a minimized Tou-Kung, or a decorative yet functional support system of timber. A rusted orange outlines the windows, a nod to the ornamental elegance that defines many of the ancient buildings throughout Asia.

The deck in the rear elevation utilizes a raised floor system as a way to accommodate the slope of the lot, and two shades of stone on the exterior finishes bring contrast for an appealing look that stands out.

  • Designers: Todd Nanke and Amber Tiede
  • Custom home design for Talking Rock Ranch in Prescott, AZ
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