Diamond Rim Residence

A luxury oasis for the ultimate desert dweller

This Mediterranean home design takes inspiration from the ancient world and its relationship to the sun. You’ll notice this through details, like the wood and stone pergola over the outdoor swimming pool and terracotta roof tiles, one of the earliest building materials known for its ability to withstand the elements.

The layered roof structure keeps the viewer engaged while access points for natural light fill the entire home. This crescendos to a gorgeous cupola that overlooks the outdoor swimming pool.

Accompanying some of these deliberately placed access points are wrought-iron bars, a nod to Spanish architecture.

The neighboring casita doesn’t miss a beat. As it provides privacy to guests, the structure continues to act as an extension of this luxury home experience, particularly with the decorative water fountain.

  • Designers: Todd Nanke, Jared Nanke, and Amber Tiede
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